Sweetwater Nannauck & Karen Fleshman on ‘Beyond Colonial Interventions’ October 27, 2022

“Don’t Forget the Water” – footage from Paddle to Standing Rock, September 2016

“Stand Up / Stand N Rock” – created by Hip Hop Caucus and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas to support the Sioux movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

“Nooksack Tribe Troubled Grounds” – tribal disenrollment and abuse

“Idle No More ~ Indigenous People Standing Against Disenrollment” – footage from INM event, April 2016

“Idle No More ~ #ShellNotDrill Celebration” – celebration of Shell moving out of the Arctic

“Idle No More ~ #ShellNotDrill Celebration (Facebook Video)”

“A Buffalo’s Trail of Tears” – hazing of buffalo

“Goodshield Interview” – on the endangerment of buffalo

“In Memory of Rosalie Little Thunder”

“Nataanii Means Sings ‘Genocide’ At The Rally Against Shell” – live performance

“BAYAN #sHellNo #IdleNoMore” – live performance

“Protect Our Salish Sea Native-led Action at Localize This! Action Camp 2014” – rally to protect local waters

“Seattle – Save the Indian Heritage Program”

“Nooksack 306 March Seattle” – in support of Nooksack 306

“Idle No More Washington State~ Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown”

“Idle No More flashmob Veronica Brown Westlake Seattle part 1”

“Rally to Save Indian Heritage on ‘Make No Bones About It.'”

“Idle No More ~ Protect the Sacred Water Blessing Ceremony part 1”

“Water Blessing Ceremony”

“Pacific Northwestern Tribal Poverty” – Seattle Channel

“Idle No More Seattle x20130216 Protect the Sacred 01” – footage from Protect the Sacred event, February 2013

“The Rocks and Hills” – rally against environmental degradation