Idle No More is a grassroots campaign that depends almost entirely on volunteers like you! Contact Sweetwater to to get involved!

These are just some of the projects that volunteers at Idle No More get to work on:

  • Create a divestment packet/brochure to be shared with western WA tribes.

  • Develop new workshops on decolonization and white fragility.

  • Compile historical Tlingit documents/photos from the UW special collections.

  • Participate in indigenous-led events, like potluck dinners and healing ceremonies!

Don’t have the time, but not enough apathy to do nothing?!? Don’t worry, you can still help out by donating money to support Idle No More Washington here!

Testimonials from past volunteers:

“I really appreciated the opportunity to volunteer for Idle No More because I learned a lot about a topic that is not often taught in schools—the detailed past and current history of indigenous peoples.

A big lesson I discovered was about cultural appropriation in which members of a dominant group exploit the culture of less privileged groups often with little understanding of the minorities’ history and experience. A shocking example is that counterfeit Indian goods diverge millions of dollars a year from Indians and increases poverty in their communities.

I also learned about this form of cultural genocide aka disenrollment. The families affected have their indigenous rights taken—and most importantly to them—their cultural identity. The anti-disenrollment rally was my favorite part of this experience because I had a glimpse of Native attire, dance, song, and most significantly, the unity of people fighting for their right to belong.

Overall, I encourage many to join in the battle against indigenous oppression and look forward to continue supporting Idle No More.”

~ J.N.in Seattle ~

“During my time with Idle No More, I learned a lot about Native American perspectives on relevant environmental, social, and political issues throughout United States history. I found that these topics are not covered sufficiently in American schools and as a result, tribal nations still struggle to be recognized and appreciated as sovereign states. I appreciate and believe in the work that Idle No More is doing to give Native Americans the voice that they deserve.”

~ J.H. in Seattle ~