Native Women Rising #sHellNo

Native Women Rising #sHellNoJune 14, 2015

This event is being organized for traditional Native American canoes and their support boats. In collaboration with the ‘Shell No!’ environmental organizations, we would appreciate you respecting our traditions as the original stewards of Alaska and the Salish Sea. We wish to show support for stopping Shell, but many canoe families may not be able to mobilize fast enough to join in the ‘rapid response’ kayak action when the Shell oil rigs leave for Alaska. ALL ARE WELCOME (Natives and non-Natives) to bear witness to our cultural and spiritual sharing as we stand united in the Spirit of our ancestors, the Creator, and the next 7 generations. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING A CONTAINER (or gather some onsite) so all may take part in the Water Blessing Ceremony at the end of the event!

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