Lummi Coal Opposition

The Lummi’s Opposition to Coal – December 6, 2013

The Great Lummi Nation is banding together in a fight against the largest proposed coal terminal on the West Coast. The Gateway Pacific Terminal would be centered in Cherry Point, Washington, with lines running throughout the Northwest. The location has historically sacred meaning to the Lummi people as ancestral burial grounds and a center of tribal industry. In addition, the coal terminal could potentially harm the Lummi fishing industry. 

Join us for a listening session featuring KUOW environmental reporter, Ashley Ahearn, who has a new two-part series on this topic. Ahearn will then sit down in conversation with Lummi council members Jay Julius and Mason Morisett, tribal law expert. They’ll discuss the cultural value of Cherry Point, the consequences of the proposed terminal, and gather support for their Kwel’ Hoy: “We Draw the Line” campaign. The Lummi are putting up a fight for their rights — one they don’t intend to lose.

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